آموزش زبان انگلیسی


English idioms using آموزش اصطلاحات زبان انگلیسی

to be hot = very popular / fashionable: "Iceland is a really hot weekend destination at the moment." 

a hot favourite = someone / something most likely to win: "Red Rum was always the hot favourite to win the Grand National." 

a hot tip = important or useful suggestion: "He gave me a hot tip for my interview." 

a hot topic = an issue which is important: "Climate change is a hot topic at the moment."  

hot off the press = very new story: "This gossip is hot off the press." 

to get too hot = become too dangerous: "Things are getting too hot and the relief agencies are pulling out of the area." 

a hot date = a date with someone you find very attractive: "She's got a hot date tonight!" 

hot stuff = attractive: "Her new boyfriend is hot stuff." 

in the hot seat = in a position of responsibility: "You make the decisions – you're in the hot seat now!" 

in hot water = in trouble because you have done something wrong: "If you send that email now, you'll find yourself in hot water with the boss." 

have a hot temper = to get angry easily: "He has a hot temper, so don't provoke him into an argument." 

get hot under the collar = get angry about something which isn't very important: "You always seem to get hot under the collar about people's driving habits. Don't let it worry you!" 

hot and bothered = feeling uncomfortable, either because it's too hot, or because you have too much to do in too little time: "She's all hot and bothered now that she's been invited to the theatre this evening." 

be like a cat on a hot tin roof = restless or jumpy: "He's like a cat on a hot tin roof with all this talk about redundancies." 

in hot pursuit = to follow closely: "The pickpocket ran off, with members of the public in hot pursuit." 

hot on the trail = close to finding something: "The police are hot on the trail of the mastermind behind the bank robbery." 

hot air = something which is not as important or true as it sounds: "What he says is just a lot of hot air – don't take it too seriously." 

more (something) than you've had hot dinners = an expression to mean that you've had a lot of something: "I've had more jobs than you've had hot dinners!" 

blow hot and cold = keep changing your mind about something: "I'm blowing hot and cold about moving to the countryside."


نوشته شده در : شنبه 17 مهر 1389  توسط : دامبلدور .    نظرات() .

Clean money for New Year

» نوع مطلب : اصطلاحات انگلیسی ،

عنوان درس: پول تمیزبرای سال نو

چینی ها در سراسر جهان مهمترین تعطیلی خود را که شروع سال جدید چینی هاست جشن گرفته اند. بسیاری از چینی ها به عنوان عیدی پول به دوستان و آشنایان می دهند. به همین جهت یک مرد تایوانی اسکناس های کثیف را شسته و تمیزکرده است تا برای استفاده آماده باشند.

According to Chinese tradition, parents give their children clean, fresh banknotes at the start of the new year. But such notes are in high demand in the run-up to the holiday period, and Yao Guan Cheng noticed a gap in the market.

Yao Guan Cheng (translated):

"When we first started this business, it was for family members who liked to collect antique banknotes. But later on, it struck me that this service would come in handy for the Chinese New Year. It is one of our customs to put banknotes inside little red envelopes in order to bring our children good luck.

"To do that, people change old notes for new ones at the banks. But here in Taiwan, there are all sorts of restrictions as to how much you can change, what days you can do that and which banks you can go to. That's inconvenient. So I thought: why not give people an alternative?"

He doesn't just soak the notes in water, he uses special chemicals that are a closely guarded secret. His services don't come cheap, he charges about $10 for washing twenty banknotes. But in the run-up to the new year holiday, he's been in demand, cleaning people's banknotes and in the process, giving a new, cleaner, image to the term 'money laundering'.

are in high demand
تقاضا برایشان زیاد است

in the run-up to
در آستانه.....، قبل از...

a gap in the market
در اینجا: موقعیتی برای پول ساختن پیدا کردند

قدیمی، کهنه، آنتیک

it struck me
ناگهان به این فکر افتادم که.....

مفید و در دسترس


soak the notes in water
خیس کردن اسکناس ها در آب

a closely guarded secret
رمز و راز یا اطلاعاتی که به شدت مخفی نگاه داشته می شود

money laundering

نوشته شده در : جمعه 9 مهر 1389  توسط : دامبلدور .    نظرات() .

Singapore reports economic growth

» نوع مطلب : اصطلاحات انگلیسی ،

عنوان درس: سنگاپور از رشد اقتصادی خبر می دهد

چنین به نظر می رسد که سنگاپور در سال جاری میلادی، سریع ترین رشد اقتصادی جهان را خواهد داشت. دولت سنگاپور تخمین زده است که در سه ماهه دوم سال جاری تولید سالانه این کشور حدود بیست درصد افزایش یافته که رقمی بی سابقه است.

Much of Singapore's growth has been fuelled by investment and tourism from overseas.

It has positioned itself as a high-end manufacturer. It makes complex nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals and biotech products like flu vaccines.

Exports of electronics alone were up 49% in June.

And visitors from wealthy neighbours China and Indonesia have flocked to its two new casino resorts, which opened in April.

But Singapore's main trading partner remains the European Union. And, despite austerity measures imposed by EU governments, exports to the bloc surged 75% in June.

That prompted Singapore's government to raise its annual growth forecast to a record high of between 13 and 15% for the year.

در اینجا: در نتیجه........(سرمایه گذاری و توریسم) بود

a high end manufacturer
تولید کننده مصنوعات پیشرفته و گران قیمت


biotech products
تولیدات بیوتکنولوژی

واکسن ها

به صورت گروهی رفتند یا آمدند

casino resorts
تفریحگاه هایی که دارای کازینو (قمارخانه) هستند

austerity measures
تدابیر صرفه جویی، اقداماتی که هدف از آن کاهش هزینه هاست

the bloc
در اینجا: گروهی از کشورها، بلوک

در اینجا: دفعتا افزایش یافت

نوشته شده در : جمعه 9 مهر 1389  توسط : دامبلدور .    نظرات() .

China now world's biggest energy user

» نوع مطلب : اصطلاحات انگلیسی ،

عنوان درس: چین اکنون بزرگترین مصرف کننده انرژی در جهان است

آژانس بین المللی انرژی می گوید چین اکنون بر آمریکا پیشی گرفته و به صورت بزرگ ترین مصرف کننده انرژی در جهان درآمده است. ولی مقامات چین می گویند آمار آژانس بین المللی انرژی قابل اعتماد نیست.

China was bound to overtake the US in terms of total energy consumption sooner or later, and according to IEA calculations, it happened in 2009.

One long-term factor behind this development is China's population – more than four times that of the US – with a growing appetite for consumer goods that need energy to use and to manufacture.

The other key reason is China's rapid economic growth, an annual average of 10% over the last two decades, compared with a much slower 2.6% in the United States. Much of China's economic growth has been in industry and construction, which are big energy users.

The timing of China overtaking the US also reflects the global financial crisis, which hit the American economy much harder and so had a bigger impact on the country's energy use.

China's new lead in energy consumption is yet another indicator of its growing influence in the global economy especially in international energy markets.

But while China's total energy consumption has, according to the IEA, overtaken the US, it's still far behind in terms of energy use per person, by a factor of more than three. Chinese officials have said the IEA's data are unreliable, and fail to account for what they call their relentless efforts to cut energy use and emissions.

The response probably reflects China's sensitivity to criticism of its growing global influence. But the IEA's analysis is not a criticism. A senior official at the agency described China's growing energy consumption as legitimate, considering its population.

was bound to
مسلم بود که...انتظار می رفت که ....

پیشی گرفتن بر......سبقت گرفتن از......

consumer goods
کالاهای مصرفی

a bigger impact
تاثیر بیشتری

نشانه، علامت

غیر قابل اعتماد

relentless efforts
تلاش های بدون وقفه

گازهای تولید شده که عمدتا آلاینده است


مشروع و موجه

نوشته شده در : جمعه 9 مهر 1389  توسط : دامبلدور .    نظرات() .

New finance rules for European football

» نوع مطلب : اصطلاحات انگلیسی ،

عنوان درس: مقررات مالی جدید برای فوتبال اروپا

اتحادیه فوتبال اروپا ( UEFA)، نهادی که بر فوتبال اروپا نظارت می کند، با وضع مقررات جدیدی موافقت کرده است که بر اساس آن مقدار پولی که باشگاه های فوتبال می توانند مصرف کنند، محدود می شود. هدف از تدوین این مقررات که "بازی جوانمردانه از نظر مالی" خوانده می شود، جلوگیری از مقروض شدن باشگاه های فوتبال است.

UEFA's ruling committee gave the new financial regulations its unanimous approval. After a phasing in period they'll come into force at the beginning of the 2012 season.

UEFA is determined to limit the lavish spending which has become such a feature of the game. A recent report found that half of Europe's leading clubs were losing money, and 20 per cent faced huge deficits.

Under the new rules they will have to break even. Clubs will not be allowed to spend more money than they generate. Rich benefactors will no longer be allowed to subsidise expensive transfers and salaries. Those clubs which consistently operate outside the parameterswill be barred from European competitions.

Individual national associations will be mainly responsible for making sure clubs follow the new policy.

unanimous approval
تایید جمعی، تصویب به اتفاق آراء

a phasing in period
در اینجا: پس از پایان مهلت تعیین شده، مقررات به اجرا درخواهد آمد

lavish spending
پول خرج کردن بی حد و حصر، ولخرجی

faced huge deficits
با کسری بودجه بسیار زیادی روبرو شدند

break even
سر به سر شدن، نه سود و نه زیان کردن

افراد نیکوکار

to subsidise
پرداخت بخشی از هزینه چیزی را به عهده گرفتن

در اینجا: خرید و فروش بازیکنان فوتبال

consistently operate outside the parameters
در اینجا: باشگاه هایی که مرتبا مقررات (ضابطه ها) را زیر پا می گذارند

will be barred from
اجازه شرکت در...........(مسابقات، رقابت ها) را نخواهند داشت

نوشته شده در : جمعه 9 مهر 1389  توسط : دامبلدور .    نظرات() .

Greek debts threaten the euro

» نوع مطلب : اصطلاحات انگلیسی ،

عنوان درس: بدهی های یونان، یورو را تهدید می کند

رهبران اتحادیه اروپا در اجلاس بروکسل در باره وضعیت اقتصادی یونان صحبت کرده و موافقت کرده اند که به این کشور برای رفع بحران مالی اش کمک کنند. هدف از اجلاس بروکسل اتخاذ یک رشته تدابیر برای حمایت از اقتصاد کشورهایی بود که از واحد پول یورو استفاده می کنند.

This summit was supposed to be a chance for Europe's prime ministers and presidents to discuss ways to promote growth and jobs, but with the euro single currency facing its worst ever crisis, the original agenda has long since been scrapped. Instead, all the focus will be on how to shore up Greece's precarious finances. Though the Greek economy is relatively small, its membership of the euro zone means its fate is wedded to that of the stronger currencies in the single currency.

For years Greek governments have spent more than they earned in taxes and borrowed to make up the shortfall. That public debt now threatens to engulf the economy. Greece's new socialist government has introduced some drastic austerity measures, such as a public sector pay freeze and fuel price increases to try to reduce the deficit, but the prospect of a default has prompted huge falls on the Greek stock market. The uncertainty has spread to other big euro debtors like Spain and Portugal. It's this contagion that most worries euro zone leaders as it risks destroying confidence in the euro as a whole.

So what to do? By underwriting the Greeks' debts they hope to stop the financial turbulence spreading and protect themselves in the process. But such largesse is not without risk. If they do end up having to pay Greece's debts, the leaders meeting here know it will be both expensive and unpopular with the voters back home.

has been scrapped : کنار گذاشته شده، لغو شده

to shore up
تقویت و حمایت کردن

نامطمئن، متزلزل

is wedded to
در اینجا: به........( پول های رایج دیگر) وابسته است، با پولهای رایج دیگر ارتباط دارد

to engulf
to engulf the economy : اقتصاد را ببلعد، اقتصاد را در بر بگیرد

drastic austerity measures
برنامه صرفه جویی های سفت و سخت و شدید

pay freeze
ثابت نگاهداشتن حقوق ها و پرداخت ها، عدم افزایش حقوق

a default
در اینجا: قصور در پرداخت

تعهد پرداخت.........(بدهی های یونان) در صورت لزوم، هزینه........را به عهده گرفتن

بذل و بخشش

نوشته شده در : جمعه 9 مهر 1389  توسط : دامبلدور .    نظرات() .

India to import rice grains

» نوع مطلب : اصطلاحات انگلیسی ،

عنوان درس: قرار است هند برنج وارد کند

برای اولین بار پس از 20 سال هند قرار است این کشور از خارج برنج وارد کند. دولت هند می گوید برای بررسی امکانات وارد کردن گندم، سرگرم گفتگو با کشورهایی از جمله تایلند و ویتنام است.

India is the world's second largest rice producer and is also a major exporter. But this year, the country has been hit by the worst drought in nearly 40 years - because of which rice production is expected to fall by 18%.

So now it's planning to import the grain for the first time in two decades. The government says it has enough supplies to feed its population but wants to take the step to shore up its buffer stocks.

The country's Trade Minister, Anand Sharma, said that India was in touch with several countries and a final decision was likely to be made in a couple of days.

a major exporter
یک صادرکننده عمده

hit by
در اینجا: صدمه خوردن از......


to import
وارد کردن( جنس و کالا از خارج)

two decades
دو دهه، بیست سال

در اینجا: موجودی، ذخیره

to shore up
در اینجا: افزایش دادن، تقویت کردن

buffer stocks
ذخیره کالاهای اساسی برای استفاده احتمالی از آن در مواقع کمیابی

was in touch with
با......( چندین کشور) در تماس بود

نوشته شده در : پنجشنبه 8 مهر 1389  توسط : دامبلدور .    نظرات() .

گران ترین مارک ها

» نوع مطلب : اصطلاحات انگلیسی ،

عنوان درس: گران ترین مارک ها

در گزارشی اخیرا که در باره رکود اقتصادی جهانی تهیه شده گفته شده که این رکود، قیمت بعضی از گران ترین مارک های تجارتی را کاهش داده است. در این گزارش آمده است که تولید کنندگان بعضی از اتومبیل ها و کالاهای لوکس، از رکود اقتصادی به شدت لطمه خورده اند.

It's hard to put a financial value on a well-known corporate name but every year the marketing consultancy Interbrand has a go. For example, it claims the world's top brand Coca-Cola is currently worth $68bn, a couple of billion dollars less than 12 months earlier.

Its latest survey suggests the recession has had a considerable impact on the corporate pecking order. Car companies, such as BMW and Toyota, along with Harley Davidson motorcycles, have seen above average declines in the value of their brands - as have some luxury firms, like watchmakers Cartier and Rolex, and Armani clothing. The lesson seems to be consumers don't value expensive things they don't actually need to buy so much when times are hard.

Meanwhile, firms associated with relatively cheap products - McDonalds fast food and Kellogg's cornflakes, for example - have seen the value of their brands rise relative to others in the recession. The Google brand has also done well - maybe that's because more people are bargain-hunting on the internet.

According to the survey, the world's five most valuable brands are Coca-Cola, IBM, Microsoft, General Electric and Nokia, unchanged from last year.

to put a financial value on
برای آن قیمت تعیین کرد

has a go
در اینجا: تلاش می کند تا این کار را انجام دهد

top brand
مهمترین مارک، علامت تجارتی که در صدر این گونه علامت ها قرار دارد

has had a considerable impact on the corporate pecking order
تاثیر قابل ملاحظه ای در تغییر رده بندی شرکت ها داشته است

have seen above average declines
بیشتر از حد متوسط، از رکود اقتصادی صدمه خورده اند

luxury firms
کارخانه های تولیدکننده کالاهای لوکس

the lesson seems to be
به نظر می رسد درسی که می شود آموخت این باشد که........

associated with
با....... مرتبط هستند

دنبال ارزان خری (مفت خری) بودن

نوشته شده در : پنجشنبه 8 مهر 1389  توسط : دامبلدور .    نظرات() .

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UAE bans BlackBerry services

» نوع مطلب : اصطلاحات انگلیسی ،

عنوان درس: منع ارائه خدمات بلک بری توسط امارات متحده عربی

امارات متحده عربی اعلام کرده است که ارائه خدمات اینترنتی تلفن همراه بلک بری را به حال تعلیق در می‌آورد. تصمیم مشابهی نیز در سایر کشورهای عرب حاشیه خلیج فارس اتخاذ شده است.

The proposed ban follows a three-year dispute between the UAE authorities and RIM, the makers of the phone. The UAE says it wants access to the security software that would allow it to intercept and monitor messages and emails.

But the firm's refusal has led the government to issue its strongest statement yet. It calls the devices "a threat to national security". But given its popularity here, an outright ban will be controversial.

The move has already sparked widespread criticism. Many suggest it's another move by the government to censor information and restrict free speech. A botched attempt last year to download spyware onto users' phones also raised fears of government monitoring.

But the regulators here are quick to deny that claim. They say the phone simply doesn't comply with domestic security laws.

So is a ban really likely? Some here say it's little more than an attempt to force RIM to back down or risk losing a wealthy market.

But whilst this country is a lucrative market for the firm, it remains a small one. There are just 500,000 BlackBerry users across the country. That could mean the UAE finds it needs BlackBerry more than BlackBerry needs the UAE.

بین راه متوقف کردن، جلوی....را گرفتن

امتناع، خودداری

outright ban
ممنوعیت کامل

موجب شد

سانسور کردن

سرهم بندی شده،، عجولانه درست شده

یک نرم افزار کامپیوتری که می تواند از کامپیوتریک نفر اطلاعات را بدون اطلاع یا رضایت وی بگیرد

مقامات ناظر و بازرس

back down
اعتراف کردن به شکست، دست کشیدن، در اینجا: منصرف شدن از اجرای تصمیم

سودآور، پرفایده

نوشته شده در : چهارشنبه 7 مهر 1389  توسط : دامبلدور .    نظرات() .

Sausages linked to heart disease

» نوع مطلب : اصطلاحات انگلیسی ،

عنوان درس: ارتباط سوسیس با بیماری قلبی

پژوهشگران آمریکایی می گویند خوردن مقدار کمی ازگوشت های فرآوری شده مانند بیکن و ژامبون می تواند خطر ابتلا به بیماری های قلبی را افزایش دهد. ولی این دانشمندان می گویند تحقیقات آنها نشان می دهد که مصرف گوشت قرمز مانند استیک، چنین خطری را ندارد.

The team from Harvard University looked at 20 studies involving more than a million people from around the world. They found that eating the equivalent of one sausage a day appeared to increase the likelihood of heart disease, the leading cause of death in the UK, by over 40%. The regular eating of processed meat also raised the risk of diabetes by nearly 20%.

But those who enjoy red meat can draw some comfort from the report. The researchers did not find any heightened risk of heart disease or diabetes from eating unprocessed red meat, like beef, lamb or pork - even in larger quantities.

Writing in the journal Circulation, they suggest it may be

the salt and preservatives used in processed meat that are behind the increased risk of disease, rather than the fat or cholesterol content which so often gets the blame.

the equivalent of
برابر با......، مقدار مساوی با.........

increase the likelihood of
احتمال...... (بیماری قلبی) را افزایش می دهد

raised the risk of
خطر....... (ابتلا به بیماری قلبی)را بیشتر کرد

بیماری قند، بیماری دیابت

heightened risk of
خطر.....را تشدید کرد

draw some comfort from
(گزارش) تا حدی موجب آرامش خاطر می شود

Circulation در این درس نام یک نشریه است ولی در معنای عام به معنی جریان خون هم هست

مواد شیمیایی که برای جلوگیری از خراب شدن مواد خوراکی از آن استفاده می شود

cholesterol content
میزان کلسترول یا چربی خون

gets the blame
مقصر معرفی می شود

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Tongue twister

Can you can a can as a canner can can a can?

Can you imagine an imaginary menagerie manager imagining managing an imaginary menagerie?

A pleasant place to place a plaice is a place where a plaice is pleased to be placed.

While we were walking, we were watching window washers wash Washington's windows with warm washing water.


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Nasa robot stuck on Mars

» نوع مطلب : اصطلاحات انگلیسی ،

موضوع درس: گیر کردن روبات ناسا در مریخ

ناسا، آژانس فضایی آمریکا تصمیم گرفته است به تلاش برای نجات دادن یکی از روبات هایش که در شن های نرم کره مریخ گیر کرده است پایان دهد. این روبات که Spirit Mars نام دارد، از مه مه سال 2009 در سطح کره مریخ گیر کرده و تلاش های دانشمندان ناسا برای آزاد کردنش تا کنون بی نتیجه مانده است.

Dug deep into the soil and with its wheels spinning, Spirit has had to accept the inevitable - it's never going to move again. In its six years on the planet, this robotic geologist has taken thousands of images and found evidence in the rocks of a wetter, warmer past in Mars' history. Its mission will now have to change. As a static station, it can still study the planet's atmosphere and deep interior. The priority currently is to position its solar panels to get as much energy from the Sun to keep it alive through the coming winter.

Even so, Nasa expects Spirit to get so low on power that it'll go into hibernation, cutting communications with Earth for perhaps six months.

Whatever the future holds for Spirit, its mission has been an outstanding success. When it landed on the Red Planet in January 2004, no-one was really sure how long it would continue working in what is a cold and dusty environment. Three months was one initial goal.

In the event, it just kept on rolling. And its twin robot, Opportunity, which landed a few weeks after Spirit in a different part of Mars, continues to rove freely to this day.

Nasa has spent more than $900 million on the project but shows no sign of giving up on these tenacious robots. The rovers are, though, experiencing gradual wear and tear. Even before Spirit got trapped, one of its wheels had failed. And Nasa says it's just a matter of time before both robots break down completely.

در حال چرخیدن

to accept the inevitable
قبول یک امر اجتناب ناپذیر

robotic geologist
زمین شناسی که روبات است، روبات زمین شناس

ساکن، بی حرکت

go into hibernation
در اینجا: حالتی که دستگاه فعالیت ندارد و انرژی بسیار کمی مصرف می کند ولی طوری برنامه ریزی شده که هنگامی که انرژی بیشتری فراهم شود دوباره فعال می شود

initial goal
هدف اولیه

to rove freely
آزادانه گشت زدن و چرخیدن

مصمم و سخت کوش

wear and tear
ضرر و آسیبی که در اثر استفاده طولانی به چیزی وارد می شود

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New taxis to reduce pollution in Cairo

» نوع مطلب : اصطلاحات انگلیسی ،

عنوان درس: استفاده از تاکسی های جدید برای کاهش آلودگی هوای قاهره

قاهره، پایتخت مصر در میان شهرهای بزرگ جهان دارای یکی از آلوده ترین هواهاست. اکنون مسئولین این شهر به فکر چاره جویی افتاده وبرنامه ای تهیه کرده اند که بر اساس آن تاکسی های قدیمی و کهنه جای خود را به تاکسی های جدید می دهند. کنار گذاشتن تاکسی های کهنه به کاهش آلودگی هوا کمک خواهد کرد.

Cairo is notorious for its overcrowded roads, irregular driving practices and rickety old vehicles, but also for its air pollution. In recent months though, environmental studies indicate there have been signs of improvement. That's due in part to the removal of many of the capital's antiquated black and white taxis. Most of those dating back to the 1960s and 70s were in a poor state of repair.

After new legislation demanded their removal from the roads, a low interest loan scheme was set up with three Egyptian banks so drivers could buy new cars. The government pays about $900 for old ones to be scrapped and advertising on the vehicles helps cover repayments.

The idea has proved popular with customers - they can now travel in air-conditioned comfort - and because the new cabs are metered, they don't have to haggle over fares. Banks and car manufacturers are glad for the extra business in tough economic times. As for the taxi drivers, most are delighted to be behind the wheel of new cars, although there have been a few complaints about switching from black and white to a plain white colour. 'Our cabs used to look distinctive', one man told me 'they were part of our heritage, like the pyramids. If you saw them in an old movie, you knew it was shot in Cairo'.


فکسنی، قراضه

نشان می دهد

قدیمی، کهنه

a low interest loan scheme
طرح وام با بهره کم

to be scrapped : در اینجا: دور ریختن

haggle over fares
چک و چانه زدن بر سر میزان کرایه

behind the wheel
پشت رل، رانندگی

مشخص، برجسته، متمایز


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Catching loneliness from the lonely

» نوع مطلب : اصطلاحات انگلیسی ،

عنوان درس: احساس تنهایی مسری است

گرچه این نتیجه گیری از نظر پزشکی عجیب است ولی از بررسی های به عمل آمده چنین نتیجه گیری شده که احساس تنهایی، مسری است. این نتیجه گیری حاصل تحقیقات مفصل در باره رفتار مردم است که توسط سه تیم تحقیقاتی از سه دانشگاه آمریکایی صورت گرفته است.

It's a medical paradox. People who feel lonely can spread the emotion to others - much like a virus. After poring over data collected from nearly 5,000 people, the researchers concluded that loneliness is more than just a personal feeling, it's an infectious mental condition. This was a statistical rather than medical study, so it doesn't explain how the contagion happens. But what it did find was that the friends of a person describing themselves as lonely were 52% more likely to become lonely themselves, and that their friends were at an increased risk too, even if they didn't know the lonely person.

The study's authors suggest this may be down to the way lonely people behave. A tendency to be wary or mistrustful of others can make their loneliness a self-fulfilling prophecy, as it may drive friends away. This much may seem obvious, but the study also hints that this behaviour can rub off on other people, painting a rather bleak picture of lonely people driving each other into ever greater isolation. Its advice to the lonely - surround yourself with a network of friends, as long as they're not lonely too.

ضد و نقیض، عجیب، تعارض

poring over data
بررسی دقیق اطلاعات

an infectious mental condition
در اینجا: یک حالت روانی مسری

at an increased risk
با خطر فزاینده (احساس تنهایی کردن) روبرو هستند

down to
در اینجا: به دلیل........

a tendency to be wary or mistrustful of
بیمناک بودن و احساس بی اعتمادی به .....( دیگران)

a self-fulfilling prophecy
یک پیش بینی تحقق یافتنی است

drive friends away
دوستان شخص را از وی دور می کند

rub off on
در اینجا: تاثیر گذاشتن بر روی .......( سایر مردم)

painting a rather bleak picture
تصویر نسبتا نومیدکننده ای را ترسیم می کند

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